Decaffeinated Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee

Decaffeinated Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee


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Whisky has always been a popular additive to coffee. This creamy flavour of Irish Whisky enhances the taste of the coffee with pronounced vigour.

All of our flavoured coffees are based on an Arabica coffee blend of Colombian and Santos, which are medium roasted so that the coffee and flavouring taste are well balanced.

Unlike some flavoured coffees, the added flavour is not excessively strong, so giving the impression of a balanced coffee drink, and not a coffee drink dominated by a particular taste.

Our flavours are nature identical (not a pure chemical base) this also helps to get a pure flavour and a more healthy product. None of the flavours contain alcohol so provide a convenient way of adding a liqueur taste to your coffee without any fears of increasing the alcohol level of the blood.

The flavouring is coated on the roasted coffee beans, the process having been developed by the roasting company.